NDIS Assist Life Stage Support Frankston, Victoria.

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Breezy Care's Assist Life Stage Tailored to You.

Our NDIS Assist Life Stage services are intended to help you through major transitions and phases of life. We at Breezy Care know how difficult it may be for people with special needs to deal with the upheaval that comes with big life transitions. For this reason, we provide individualised support to ease your transfer into your new environment and equip you for success.

Whether you’re making the leap from student to working adult, settling into your first apartment as an adult, or going through a major life change, our staff is here to help. As you go through life, you’ll face new problems and opportunities, and we’re here to help you take advantage of both.

Empowering Engagement and Inclusion.

Tailored to Your Interests and Goals.

At Breezy Care, we know that each phase of life has its own unique set of difficulties, and we’re here to help you face them head-on. We’re here for you whether you’re a kid beginning school, a teen making the move into maturity, or an adult starting a new chapter in your life.

Our assist life stage services may include: