Simple Outdoor Activities for Persons with Disabilities

Who says people with disabilities can’t enjoy outdoor activities?

Doing outdoor activities has many benefits if done at the right time and place. Who wouldn’t love to do it, even if the individual has a disability? Seeing the natural surroundings can restore enthusiasm and improve one’s mood.

But we all know, if you or someone you care about has a disability, travelling outside may present some challenges. Being a caregiver to an adult with disabilities can sometimes make it difficult to find activities that are stimulating and fun but still appropriate for that individual’s age group.

Now you don’t need to worry, there are a variety of outdoor activities available for people with disabilities which are quite simple. You can do it together in a large group or small group.

Here are some great activities that we can summarise for you:

1. Nature Walks

Together with a caregiver or family, find nearby parks, nature trails, and parks that are open to the public. Make sure the route is wheelchair accessible, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the natural environment.

2. Outdoor Photography

While you are walking around, use your camera or smartphone to take pictures of the amazing scenery outside. Or you can join the photography community to deepen your love for the photography industry. Creative processes as well as a more meaningful relationship with nature can be fostered through photography.

3. Camping

Have you seen how happy the campers are? Every one of us should try camping at least once in our life. Nowadays camping is not difficult, most campsites provide accessible sites. Look for camps that are easy to arrange both in terms of travel and accommodation, of course, this is to make it easier for people with disabilities.

Camping is fun because it provides a total escape into the natural environment. It’s not that physically demanding, but it all depends on where you camp.

Keep in mind, look for campsites that are easily accessible. Is it possible for the person to enter the tent using their wheelchair? Apart from all that, camping is a good thing besides having fun it is also good for increasing independence. You as a person with a disability can use an NDIS provider to fulfill your desire to camp.

4. Outdoor Arts and Crafts

Do you like painting? With your small community or with the help of an NDIS provider, set up a place outside for painting, sketching, or other creative activities such as crafts. Thus you get many benefits from one activity. Enjoy the natural surroundings and channel your hobbies or hone your talents.

5. Gardening

Gardening can be a very beneficial and therapeutic activity for people with disabilities. With careful planning and adaptation, people of all abilities can enjoy the benefits of gardening.

6. Accessible Hiking Trails

Are you a person with a disability who likes a challenge? For you, disability is not an obstacle that can move you forward. Then activities like hiking are good for you to do.

With your caregiver or family, find a friendly location to hike. Find a hiking spot that is friendly for people with disabilities. Explore Australia’s most popular wheelchair-friendly trails with trail maps and directions.

Those are some outdoor activities that we can summarise for you. Starting from simple or challenging enough for you to do. But we need to remember, your safety is the most important. Travel safely, with your family, caregiver or NDIS provider. Have a good time. Don’t let physical limitations hold you back.